Tobin Clark Estate.

Techlinea was hired 26 years ago to be part of the design and remodel team for this 38K Sq/ft estate, and I've been maintaining and servicing this account until it was sold this year.

The property was originally the Tobin Clark Estate built for banking Heiress Celia Tobin in Hillsborough, and  designed by Architect David Adler in 1932.

For Techlinea it was the biggest and most complex project we'd done at the time. From a security systems aspect it’s still unmatched.

The property sits on 6 acres of land that was totally landscaped and protected, including several unique elements such as the100k gallon artificial water fall, multiple fountains and water features, pool & spa, rose gardens, multiple garden settings and features that included running and walking paths and a private out door cigar smoking alcove and safe room that all had to be under 24-hour surveillance by day and well illuminated by night. 

The complexity was in designing and engineering the electrical system to support the energy demands of a 38k sq./ft residence and integrate with the vast amount of landscape lighting and its many features along with the ultra-sophisticated security systems that this client required.

Everything had to be backed up and protected from power outages 24/7- 365 without excuses, because this client was a major supported and fundraiser of the GOP and he regularly hosted events here for Senators, Congressmen, various Heads of State and even Presidents and Vice Presidents.

As such the security system had to be almost prison grade in its level of sophistication and fail proof in its reliability. There are parts of the 
surveillance systems that required military grade hardware and   technology. 

To that end I was required to be trained and get specific certifications and clearances by ex Secret Service security consultants before I was qualified to design and support it. After it was designed and deployed, on many occasions I was actually required to attend some of the black tie parties and fundraising events to be on hand in case any part of the system had a problem. 

Nothing ever failed, so for me it was just an opportunity to wear a tux 

mingle and learn about how political sausage is made.

At the beginning I was virtually on call 24 hours a day. There were times when I felt like Michael Corleone in the Godfather where he says "Just when I thought I was out ...they pull me back in"

The lighting system we specified was Vantage Controls and designed when all aspects of the system design and programming was still handwritten and required scripted if and then scenarios, and there were hundreds of scenarios. 

Ultimately it was an amazing project, but the best part is that the home-owner and I developed a 26-year friendship, and by supporting this estate it allowed me stay up on the cutting edge of security & surveillance technology, and best techniques and practices that forced me to keep my electrical and troubleshooting skills honed to a razor's edge.

Aside from all the technology it was and still is a gorgeous estate. I hope the new owners enjoy it as much as the previous owner did.