Techlinea is a San Francisco-based architectural lighting and integration design studio with clients throughout North and South America, Europe,
and China.

Alfredo has over 35 years experience in the high-end residential lighting industry. He started his career as an electrical contractor and founded Techlinea Inc., in 1985 to provide custom lighting design services to a discerning clientele throughout the US and abroad. In 2000, he expanded Techlinea's services to include electrical design and integration solutions.

His background includes teaching, public speaking and peer training for lighting design, electrical systems, and home integration.  

Elaine Shishima, Senior Designer

Graduating with a degree in Interior Design, Elaine has an interest in aesthetic and functional design.  She thrives on the challenge of creating stunning lighting systems and implementing emerging and cutting-edge lighting controls technology. Elaine has been successfully designing and managing a variety of projects for over 15 years, applying her imagination and exceptional attention to detail to create environmentally sensitive spaces. 

Mark Hernbroth, Designer/Systems Engineer

Mark has worked in the Integration industry since 1997, with several of the Bay Area’s leading Integration Installation companies. He attended the University of Southern California, where he studied planning and design, with an emphasis on spatial design, management, and analysis. Having owned his own design and installation firms, Mark has experience in both design/engineering and business development and management. He specializes in full audio/video/integration design, lighting control design and programming, energy-efficiency and green design, product specification, and documentation. He’s committed to the holistic design approach, blending functionality, form, performance, and aesthetics to develop optimal solutions that exceed our client's expectations.

Mathew Guereña, Drafter/Designer

Matt has over 10 years' experience in architecture, joining Techlinea in 2011.  He attended the University of California, Berkeley where he received his degree in Architecture.  Sustainability and functionality are important design considerations in his approach to the built environment.  His architectural background and LEED AP bring an additional layer of expertise to Techlinea.

Millin Zaparolli, Office Assistant

Millin is our receptionist, office assistant, and our unofficial “company mom.” Her duties include taking care of us and making sure we're happy. 

Svetlana Savinov, Bookkeeper

Svetlana Joined Techlinea in 2002 as the company bookkeeper.

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