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We specialize in lighting design for residential interiors, landscapes, resorts, restaurants, wineries, and light commercial spaces. We're experts at working with energy efficient LED, lighting controls, and energy code compliance.

Integrated Design

Techlinea designs connected/smart homes that  "know" which lights to turn on, which music to play, and what room temperature to set for different times of the day. It saves energy, entertains you and your guests and protects you.  This level of comfort can only be experienced in a connected smart home.

Home security is an important topic because break-ins, burglaries, fires and accidents happen on a regular basis. By controlling access, implenting protection and safety features, we can protect your home, belongings and your family.

Electrical Systems

An electrical design goes through several important stages of development because every electrical design has unique requirements depending on the scope of the project which are defined by the customer's lifestyle, energy requirements, and size of project.

The Process

The design process is a series of interconnected procedures which integrate one or more systems to better design, engineer, and manage a project.

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