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Smart House and Integration

Our Expertise 
Techlinea has been designing sophisticated home-integration systems since 1989. Our design team is trained and certified to design, specify, program, and troubleshoot the most advanced lighting control and connected-home products in the industry.

Integrated Design
The typical modern building includes an electrical system, lighting, and a variety of increasingly sophisticated electronics and appliances. A smart home can integrate most of them so you can control them with a IP based mobile app.

Simple Control
Living in a smart home makes life easy, convenient and secure. Whenever you want to change something, a single press of a button on a keypad or tap on a smartphone is all that's needed.


Lighting controls
Hate coming home to a dark house? Now you can use your cell phone, or automatic sensor in your car to turn on driveway lights, a path from garage to house, and other lighting.

With the advent of LED lighting and ever more stringent energy codes, residential and office lighting controls are more important than ever. These controls can be as simple as a vacancy sensor or as sophisticated as network-based wireless system that control anything from a single light to every room in the house. We can design control systems for every need and every budget.


We design entertainment systems that allow you to enjoy your favorite music, TV show or movies in any room at the touch of a button. We also design entertainment rooms or full blown home theaters.


Having a party? Set an entertainment scene and have the lights and music set exactly how you like it. 

Energy Management 
A connected home controls energy costs by monitoring energy consumption and  use of major appliances when energy rates are lowest.

When not in use lights are automatically turned off, the temperature is lowered and any audio video equipment is turned off.  Your home can also close skylights and lower shades automatically to manage heating and cooling costs and prevent rain and sun damage to your home’s interior.   

San Francisco


A smart home makes you more comfortable, saves time, and manages tasks that are easy to forget, so you can relax and enjoy.

Automation  Partners

Feel free to download our lifestyle questionnaire, designed to help you plan and organize your project, or contact us for a consultation.

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