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Electrical Design











We understand the need to protect valuable electronic equipment and appliances. Our electrical systems begin with a whole-house surge protection system.
Then we add multiple layers of protection, including 
surge arresting devices, uninterrupted power, line conditioning, and provisions for renewable energy
and backup power systems. 

We also design electrical systems that interface with back up power systems and renewable energy systems such as solar and photovoltaic.


Electrical Design | techlinea

We understand electricity and how to design and build systems that are safe and reliable for the needs of modern technology and lifestyles.

Alfredo Zaparolli,
our president and senior designer brings more than 30 years of experience to the Techlinea design team as a master electrician, expert electrical troubleshooter, and technical consultant.

Techlinea’s electrical systems are reliable and robust. We calculate power demand to accommodate lighting, controls, appliances, and equipment, and we distribute and balance electrical systems to prevent annoying flicker, power drops, and noise.

Electrical Design | techlinea

We provide the following documentation, management and support  for all electrical designs. 

  Construction Documents

  • Division 26 specifications

  • Electrical one line drawings

  • Electrical and appliance schedules

  • Panel and load schedules

  • Load schedules

  • Design and programming of control systems

  • LEED Documentation

  • Final construction documents, cut-sheets and schedules.

  Budget Management

  • Assemble preliminary budgets

  • Review proposals

  • Assist with Value Engineering

  Construction Administration

  • Review shop drawings and submittals

  • Assist with ordering and expediting

  • Monitor and respond to RFIs

  • Site visits and progress documentation

Feel free to download our lifestyle questionnaire, designed to help you plan and organize your project, or contact us for a consultation.

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