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We're committed to your safety and security.

For the past two decades Techlinea has been protecting the homes of fortune 500 CEOs, Politicians, Celebrities, as well religious institutions and the homes of every day homeowners who just want peace of mind. 

We Identify requirements based on the specific risk
of an institution or the lifestyle of an individual or family, and deliver multi layered solutions that include state of the art security technology to support:


  • Intrusion Prevention
    Access control and barrier systems
    Gates & fences
    Biometric access readers
    Perimeter protection 
    Mobile access integration

    Integrated locks and locking system
    Deterrent Landscaping

  • Security intrusion systems
    Monitored protection
    Wired and 
    wireless motion detection 
    Glass break detection
    IR motion and sound activated detection

  • Overt or covert video Surveillance
    Covert IR illumination & surveillance systems
    Interactive mobile solutions:

    IP based solutions 
    Remote notification
    DVR and cloud-based storage

  • Physical protection
    Safe rooms, or interactive fortified interior zones
    Re-enforced exterior and interior zones
    Smoke, fire detection & carbon detection 
    Pool monitoring & child safety systems
    Interactive & integrated security 
    Safes & vaults

    By staying current with latest techniques and proven technologies, we have the flexibility to specify existing or emerging technologies to design the perfect system and work with the best vendor and contractor for the application.


Feel free to download our lifestyle questionnaire, designed to help you plan and organize your project, or contact us for a consultation.

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