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Design Discovery Consultation Services


It’s time to take control of your  project.

You invest in professional services for your architectural design, and you ask your contractor for a budget for your  general construction costs, but quite often when it comes to lighting, technology and sustainability, you move forward without a plan or a budget in place.


That can lead to unwanted surprises, change orders, overages, and, worst of all, getting things you never even wanted, are too complicated to actually use, and are more expensive than you thought.

With Techlinea’s consultation services, for a modest investment, you can have an intelligent plan and budget for the lighting and technology design of your project!

Our schematic design process gives you the knowledge, power, and confidence to move forward with your project in an informed way. We provide you all the essentials to stay in front of and in control of your expectations, your design, and your budget!

We offer two distinct options for you, allowing you the flexibility to best utilize our services according to the needs of your project.

Schematic Design  - Integrated Design  $4995

This package includes design and consultation for all our core competencies, giving you the most leverage when planning budgets, approving preliminary designs, and being informed as you move into the project’s construction phase.

Schematic Design - Lighting Only  $3495

This package includes all the steps of our schematic design process, but focuses only on architectural lighting and its associated control options. With today’s sophistication and complications surrounding energy-efficiency & environmental considerations, lighting and control must be designed together as one cohesive solution.

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