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Our approach to lighting design and home integration is to provide an “integrated project design.” This encompasses a series of procedures, which help us better design, engineer, and manage your project. We strive to provide excellent client service during every phase of the project, going well beyond what other design firms provide, via design, specification, and project management services. We also coordinate technology across the various trades involved in the project. 

Every project we undertake includes a number of common elements. First we consult with the client and project team, to define the client's expectations, provide unbiased information about lighting systems and brands, and work with the client to develop the optimal design for the project, within budget constraints. We then create all necessary specifications and construction documents before the contractors are hired.
Our Services

Lighting, security and entertainment technologies change constantly, and understanding and managing these systems is always a complex undertaking. Techlinea provides design, engineering, and consulting services to architects, contractors, designers, and their clients. We deliver fully designed and engineered plans, including budget development, for all electrical lighting and low-voltage systems.

Our typical process includes:


  • Meet with decision makers to evaluate current and future needs vs. existing solutions 

  • Providing clients with a solution questionnaire to complete to better understand their goals

  • Creating a client “wish list” and develop a preliminary budget for approval 

  • Developing a requirements document that sets out project goals and parameters clearly


  • Developing an initial system design once budget estimates are approved

  • Developing a detailed scope-of-work through a specification document

  • Continuing to refine budgets and scope specification until final approval

  • Sending specifications out to bid, performing comprehensive bid analysis, assisting in decision-making


  • Providing an engineering/installation document package to installers, based on design specifications

  • Working with installation companies to finalize proposals and minimize change orders/field changes 

  • Coordinating onsite quality control visits, including orientations, inspections, and walk-throughs

  • Providing programming/use documents of system flowcharts and procedures to programmers


  • Providing project management services to coordinate various trades/scheduling

  • Creating "as-built" documentation as an accurate record of system installation 

  • Providing client training on use of system 

  • Continuing to provide technical assistance to client after project completion 

Suite of Services
  • Electrical

  • Lighting and Controls

  • Motorized shades

  • Data & Communications 

  • Entertainment Systems

  • Home Theaters

  • Security & Surveillance

  • Energy Management

  • Systems Integration

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