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Texture and Light

We're very proud to have been part of the team that designed and built this 2016 ASID award winning Master Bath in Menlo Park. The crowning features of this master bath were these custom made mirrors. Our task was to design a lighting system that could be integrated into the custom made metal armature of these mirrors. Due to the minimal size 1-1/2" deep, we had to use LED lighting strips. We tested several manufacturers and finally settled on VLT- Visual Lighting technologies. This manufacture makes very small, extremely bright, hight CRI and very low McAdams elipse light strips for a smooth and uniform lighting effect.

For the shower and water closet we concealed Ecosense LED wall grazers to highlight the texture of these ridged tiles. and provide enough reflect light in the shower.

The ambient lights we used are Lucent LED zero sightline accent lights.

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