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Congregation Beth Sholom, SF

Techlinea designed state of the art security and surveillance systems for this Synagogue and congregation. Protecting Temple Beth Sholom was particularly daunting due to the many members with unique access and different needs, including the Synagogue 's physical connection to a daycare center and school. To meet all the requirements of this congregation we worked closely with the Rabbi, the design team and members of the security elements of the Jewish Defense League to ensure the members of this congregation would be safe while attending their services. Techlinea also designed the audio system and collaborated with Deck Acoustical Engineering to ensure that the acoustics in this bowl shaped structure allowed every one to clearly understand the sermons and celebrations. Concealing all accustical and audio components into the structure and not detract from the architecture were the primary concerns of Architect Stanley Saitowit, we worked very hard to satisfy those concens.

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